Competitive Edge

Mellennia TaeKwonDo teaches both the Chang Hon and Kukkiwon styles. Our goal is to offer our members certification in both styles and organizations. This also helps those who are interested in competition to become better skilled martial artists. 

The Areas Martial Arts Professionals.

Empowering Our Members To Be Their Best

Professional training from the areas leaders in TKD




National and international events for you to enjoy. 

Get fit, have fun, learn self-defense and create a better you!

Certification on a national and world levels offered to all of our students.  

‚ÄčEmpowering Our members

Life Skills

Mellennia TaeKwonDo teaches our members skills to become leaders in our world. We strive to give our members the tools to be successful through the teachings of TaeKwonDo, discipline, respect and self-defense.  


Family Martial Arts 

Mellennia TaeKwonDo embraces the family atmosphere and trains our members as a family. All of our classes are tailored towards a TEAM building and respect geared mentality.  Our classes are comfortable for those who are interested in wight loss, toning, discipline, and respect. 

We build leaders one bLack belt

at a time !