November 17th,    2018  

Color Rank Testing    Location TBA

​White and Yellow belts 10:00

Green and above           12:00 

September 15th  2018  

Riverbend Inter-School event

See your instructor to sign up!  

October 6th,    2018  

IMAG Black Belt Testing! Muscatine! 

October 20th,    2018  

UTA, IMAG, Mellennia Championships 

​Fulton, IL. 

January 26th,    2019  

Winter Iowa Games, Peosta, IA

Forms, Sparring, Breaking, Weapons, 

Team Forms, Olympic Sparring!   

September 28th  2018  

Riverbend Jujitsu Seminar

Muscatine, IA Contact Master Cavazos  

October 13th,    2018  

Kim Bok Man Seminar, Plano Texas! 

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